About this Event

*Prerequisite: Boundaries Part 1 *
This workshop is an experiential dive into the questions below. We will have a lesson and exercise to help you get more clear about your personal truth and how to express this in a healthy way. This workshop is very relevant for couples that are moving through difficult conversations and for individuals that want to embrace more personal autonomy.

Boundaries Part 1 was about owning your “NO” and Boundaries Part 2 is about owning your “YES”!

This workshop will address the following topics that add to the experience of Part 1:

  1. Claiming and sharing your wants/needs
  2. How to follow through with consequences of your boundaries not being respected
  3. Negotiating with others to fine the overlapping “YES”
  4. Deeper understanding and honoring of your truth
  5. How to create agreements with others that work for you
  6. Introduction to consent culture

Vancouver, WA 98683 (in person)

September 14th, 2024

9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Current patients: copay amount
Non patients: $200 ($50/hr)


    Patients will be billed copay
    Venmo: @sellus0678