Dr. Stacy Ellis

Dr. Stacy Ellis is a seeker on the eternal path toward a deeper understanding of truth, love, and freedom. She believes that wonder and marvel should be fundamental qualities of our lives. Her bright and passionate spirit combined with clarity and coherence offers connection and guidance to anyone eager to take the deeper dive towards change.

A Doctor of Psychology by trade, she grafts together branches of science, insight, and somatic practices to create unique offerings to the world. She plants seeds in the hearts of those she works with to assist them in better understanding themselves and their place in the higher consciousness of the world.

Stacy brings over fifteen years of clinical practice and ten years of experience running ongoing groups and facilitating workshops. For the past six years, she has facilitated the Liberation: Releasing The Past Workshop around the country.

As a lifelong learner, Dr. Ellis searches for appropriate and novel ways to benefit her patients and clients. She has studied modalities that take the work beyond just talking and drawing individuals out of their “heads” and into full embodiment. She believes in using all the tools at her disposal to deprogram the nervous system of negative childhood-imprinted beliefs so individuals can live presently as their authentic selves.

Stacy is a trauma informed therapist. In addition to her academic qualifications (two masters degrees and a PysD), she also has professional training in EMDR, TRE, NPL, EFT, IFS, somatic therapies, breath-work and sound healing. She has specialities in forensic psychology, trauma, inner child work, LGBTQIA, alternative relationships styles, and maintaining a healthy nervous system.