Rowena McKee

Rowena McKee

Harmonic Sound Healing/Emotional-Trauma Release Therapy

Rowena McKee Is a Classically Trained Pianist and Piano Instructor of many years, Holistic Health Practitioner, Pain Management Practitioner, Energy Psychology-Emotional-Trauma Release Therapist, Harmonic Sound Healing Specialist/Instructor and a Body-Mind Energy Intuitive. She teaches Harmonic Sounds for Healing-Tuning Fork Therapy Training workshops, for personal and professional use, beginning through advanced instructions. She is a former student of the Globe Institute of Sound & Consciousness and the School of Natural Health Sciences and is a member of the Association of Drugless Practitioners. She facilitates Life Transformation group sessions, and presents regular Sound Healing Events with her Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls in her Health & Wellness space at the House of Sacred Sound in SE Portland, OR where she sees weekly private clients and hosts her group sessions, workshops and events.

Energy Psychology uses Emotional Freedom Techniques (such as Tapping, Sound and re-framing) and is a meridian-based type of energy healing system that assists in emotional mastery. It combines needle-free acupuncture (or acupressure) with mind-body medicine and is often referred as acupressure for the emotions. It is gent​le, simple and an easy way to release emotional imprints stored in the body’s cellular memory, subconscious and nervous system. Once neutralized the body and brain re-calibrate creating new neutral pathways which assist in correcting dysfunctional behaviours and thoughts.

Rowena McKee uses quantum sound techniques to assist in healing all body systems (nervous system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, respiratory system, meridian system, Chakra system, organ system and the Brain). Sound brings total relaxation to the body, while releasing muscle tension and knots, injuries from accidents and other conditions. She releases the interference that keeps the healing process impeded and works to release pain, inflammation, emotional trauma and many different conditions and issues.

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Amanda J. Ragonesi

Amanda J. Ragonesi, Psy.D.

Psychological Testing

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Vancouver, Washington. I received my Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University. In my private practice, I provide a full range of mental health services, including individual psychotherapy and psychological evaluation services.

Psychological evaluation services can assist you in gaining information about your cognitive, social, and emotional functioning. Common issues for evaluations include ADHD, learning difficulties, intellectual/memory functioning, and social/emotional/behavioral difficulties. They are also helpful in clarifying your areas of strength and challenge. Through the process of the evaluation, I will develop and share recommendations with you about how to help you reach your full potential personally, socially, academically, and occupationally.

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Amanda J. Ragonesi, Psy.D.
410 E. 20th St.
Vancouver, WA 98663

Corrina Porterfield

Corrina Porterfield, MS, LMT

Corrina is a healer and teacher of multidimensional medicine integrating earth-based medicine, spiritual healing, massage, energy work, counseling and emotional alchemy. She has studied with traditional healers, herbal midwives and shamans in Peru, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. This knowledge combined with a Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness provides a unique, holistic approach to healing. Her vision is to empower others to access their true essential self and to restore wholeness, harmony and balance. She is dedicated to bridging the gap between modern medicine and traditional healing to help individuals open to their full human potential.

With changing times, her focus is helping those on the path of awakening to learn techniques for soul embodiment techniques, energetic hygiene, centered sovereignty in addition to strengthening intuition and learning to trust inner wisdom and guidance from higher self, spirit guides and allies. She teaches empaths and sensitives the art of discernment of what is theirs and what is not.

Offering classes, mentorships and individual sessions, guiding those seeking to align more with their true essential self. Working both in the physical and spiritual realms. Helping others discover how to make the most of their soul’s evolutionary process. Learning to embody and reach full human potential this lifetime to be of best service to self, community and the world. Accessing the truth of who we are and to remember why it is we are here.

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