Liberation Workshop - Austin, Texas

What is the Liberation Workshop?

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It is time to release the past so you can be liberated in the present! This is the work we all return to once we reach that last crusty layer of patterns that do not seem to resolve no matter how much effort we have put into our self work. The majority of us are making choices based on avoiding triggers instead of from a place of love and freedom. In the six year of offering this workshop, I have yet to have someone tell me they have done THIS work. It goes beyond inner child work to embodied outer child work. We cannot skip steps to wholeness. In this workshop we address the areas where most people have suffering is in their self-worth, relating to others, and finding meaning in life. To address these tender issues, we need to go back to the beginning where the programming started.

What is the benefit?

The most consistent impacts this workshop and aftercare program have had on people’s lives are 1) being significantly less reactive in the body and able to make better choices for oneself 2) relating to others better with improved relationships 3) feeling more confident to be one’s authentic self 4) finding more fun and joy in life being an adult 5) a decrease in anxiety and stress in the body by understanding how to support the nervous system

Who should come?

Over 25: This workshop is relevant for anyone that is over the age 25 and who was a child with caregivers.  The best of parenting still comes with programming and perceptions that are not aligned with our true essence. The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed by the age of 25. Doing this work while still in the adolescent mind is less beneficial and it is recommended to wait to fully access this work.

Beginners: This workshop is facilitated for the beginner that is still learning to like themselves and overcome past traumas. You do not need to have prior workshop experience to attend. However, it is recommended that you have completed foundational self work.

Advanced: This workshop is also for the advanced participant that is wanting to fine tune on the subtle realms the places where their shadow parts have yet to be transformed.

Couples: Couples have enhanced their relationship by doing this work and recognizing how much of their history is projected into their current romantic relationship.

Parents: If you are a parent or plan to become a parent, this workshop will change your views about how to meet your children. Family members have benefited from participating in this work together to clear transgenerational trauma.

What is the format?

This workshop is a five night, six day emersion with three months of FREE aftercare. The workshop is trauma informed and facilitated by a doctorate level psychologist. This workshop provides both therapeutic and transformational experiences. Through exercises we remember the child like qualities that make us a whole human. The lessons in this workshop are comprehensive and very applicable to life challenges. The rituals are a deep process that take participants on an embodied journey to complete chapters of their lives. You will learn tools that are practiced daily and throughout the aftercare program to support your nervous system and optimal integration. One of the most impactful parts of this work is teaching you how to deprogram your nervous system of the imprints from childhood that cause unwanted stories, patterns, defenses, and triggers. Yes! I teach you how to neutralize these so you can create new imprints and upgrade your human software. Come ready to learn! Come ready to remember! Come ready to deprogram what is not serving you!

Pricing & Reservation

November 5-10, 2024

Organizers: Briana Cribeyer & Blake Zealear

The Creek Haus, Dripping Springs, TX – near Austin

Included In Workshop:

  • Six days and five nights accommodations
  • Lodging (added cost for private lodging
  • Catered meals 3x per day and snacks
  • Binder with workshop and after care content
  • Virtual Reality Goggles
  • Other surprise gifts

Included Aftercare Program:

  • Aftercare Plan (3 months)
  • Website with continuing education and tools
  • Bonus lesson and group zoom with Dr. Ellis
  • Monthly zoom with group
  • All group support in WhatsApp

Early Bird: $2100 (@5 available) SOLD OUT
Repeater: $2000 (@5 available)
Full price: $2300
Camping: $1900

Discount for RV/ Tent lodging

Registration is OPEN

Participant registration

Modalities That Are Used In Workshop:

  • Nervous System Deprogramming Tools
  • Trauma Release
  • Somatic Tools
  • Coregulation Tools
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Mind Heart Coherence
  • Role Play
  • Shamanic Rituals
  • Conscious Communication
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Group Process

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